Oakes Hotel


The Oakes Hotel had recently gone through renovations to up date it’s style and comfort, but had not seen an increase in customers to the newly renovated Hotel. This time-limited Campaign was focused on getting results through boosting the Oakes Hotel social media.

Implementing Solutions

New Branding for social media channels to update the style and look of the account to reflect the recent renovations experienced by the Hotel.


The Oakes Hotel already had a Facebook page with an engaged audience, the focus here was to continue the organic engagement rate with daily posts.

Twitter had been a challenge for the Hotel, with a small following of approx 50. The request was to build this list with Targeted followers interested in Travel. The result, in 6 weeks the account was up to 1105 Followers!


Instagram had never been used by the Oakes Hotel, so a new account was set up. Within 6 weeks this account had 584 Followers! Link here:

Here is an example of Insta-square graphic used



Once again, the numbers speak for themselves!

Sleep Factory



The Sleep Factory was looking for a full service Digital Marketing plan to increase eCommerce sales and foot traffic to their retail locations. This solution would involve new Website, Social Media, SEO and Google Advertising.

Implementing Solutions

  • New eCommerce website on WordPress platform – see here
  • SEO – Geo-Targeted rankings in all Cities of Franchise locations.
  • Google Adwords Black Friday Campaign
    • 2,263,407 impressions
    • 27,793 Clicks
    • 1003 Conversions
    • 3.68% Conversion Rate
  • Full Service Social Media Community Management
    • Facebook Daily posts
    • Facebook Ad Campaign
      • sleepfactory-ad
    • Twitter 3x’s daily posts and increase targeted Followers
    • Organic Growth for period of 3 months 1.06K Followers
      • sleepfactory-ad1
  • Instagram, daily posts and increase targeted Followers
    • The Sleep Factory Instagram account grew to a very popular 2487 Followers, with 1.03K likes to posts in a 2month period
      • sleepfactory-ad2
  • Google display Ad
    • sleep-factory-google-ad-example


The Numbers Above Speak for Themselves!