David Moses


This project required our Team to think a little bit outside the Box! As the number 1 distributor for one of the largest Direct Sales Companies today, David Moses is a Speaker and Trainer, but most of all he is a Mentor to the entire Direct Sales Team of the Company! This means that he needs to portray two images on his website, one to attract new distributors, but the other, more importantly, to provide training and resources to his team. This involves a lot of video and live streaming.

Implementing Solutions

A website design that focused on direct calls to action like meet David, meet David’s Team and David Live, (the ability to catch a live stream video presentation) The focus is on sign-up and training! With FaceBook being the number one method of this client to market to his audience, the Facebook page was embedded right on his site.


A website that functions as a training resource and sales funnel for new clients.

  • Date 20 November
  • Category Design, Development, SEO, SMO
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