Site Performance Report: The DMX Webcheck™

Realize the full profit potential of the Internet for your business!

  • Is Your Website Working For Your Business?
  • Have You Updated Your Website Recently?
  • Have You Had a Competitive Analysis of Your Website?

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Why? Because you can’t do business if your customers can’t find you!

The ability for your business to be found easily online relies on your ranking within the top Internet search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Our DMX Webcheck Report can help you to fully understand your current ranking within these search engines and what you
can do to improve your position.


Ranking among the top search engine results can be more effective than any advertising you’ve ever done for your retail business combined.

DMX uses the Webcheck to create an accurate picture of where your website is positioned against other businesses on the Web including:

  • Your business’ ranking in the top search engines as compared to your competitors’
  • A high level review of key elements on your site that may be hindering your business’ ability to attract and convert visitors into customers
  • Recommendations on what you can do to improve your competitiveness on the Internet

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