Sleep Factory


The Sleep Factory was looking for a full service Digital Marketing plan to increase eCommerce sales and foot traffic to their retail locations. This solution would involve new Website, Social Media, SEO and Google Advertising.

Implementing Solutions

  • New eCommerce website on WordPress platform – see here
  • SEO – Geo-Targeted rankings in all Cities of Franchise locations.
  • Google Adwords Black Friday Campaign
    • 2,263,407 impressions
    • 27,793 Clicks
    • 1003 Conversions
    • 3.68% Conversion Rate
  • Full Service Social Media Community Management
    • Facebook Daily posts
    • Facebook Ad Campaign
      • sleepfactory-ad
    • Twitter 3x’s daily posts and increase targeted Followers
    • Organic Growth for period of 3 months 1.06K Followers
      • sleepfactory-ad1
  • Instagram, daily posts and increase targeted Followers
    • The Sleep Factory Instagram account grew to a very popular 2487 Followers, with 1.03K likes to posts in a 2month period
      • sleepfactory-ad2
  • Google display Ad
    • sleep-factory-google-ad-example


The Numbers Above Speak for Themselves!

  • Date 19 September
  • Category Design, Development, PPC, SEO, SMO
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