Social Media – David Moses


This project required our Team to think a little bit outside the Box! As the number 1 distributor for one of the largest Direct Sales Companies today, David Moses is a Speaker and Trainer, but most of all he is a Mentor to the entire Direct Sales Team of the Company! David already had a very large following on his personal profile on Facebook. The challenge was to engage this personal audience to a business page, and expand the audience beyond the 5000 personal friend limit!

Implementing Solutions

David Moses was already very comfortable with posting his own content. This project was about the Creation of new Facebook Business page, Sponsored Stories and Contests to grow likes. Ads and contests were targeted to very specific audience of persons who were already interested in Direct Sales, MLM, Personal development and Health and Wellness.


A time limited Facebook Campaign that in a very short period of time grew this page to over 30,000 very active Likes! It is typical on this page to see a post getting a reach of 3000+, with multiple shares, Likes and Comments.

  • Date 15 September
  • Category Design, Development, SEO, SMO
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