At Digital Marketing Experts – DMX we believe in forming the right partnerships to ensure that our customers get the best ROI out of their marketing campaigns possible! Who better to partner with than Google? We are not just a partnership in image, we take our relationship with Google very seriously.

Google has been instrumental in understanding that Micro Moments are what make up todays world. Our lives are now complimented by computers, tablets and smartphones. It is typical to see in any household members of the family multi-screening with perhaps watching tv, while surfing the internet on their laptop, and checking into things as well on their phones. With the advent of smartphones, everyone has a mini-computer with them at all times. Imagine, the average person checks their phone 150+ times a day! Imagine the potential advertising/buying power of that statistic. To learn a little bit more about these micro-moments, take a look at this video here:

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Here at Digital Marketing Experts – DMX we are able to guarantee that our customers Google Campaigns will be the best optimized campaigns possible!